Learning to Love
High-Sensitivity Troponin
Webinar: Wednesday, February 19th, 1pm EST
Simon Mahler, MD, MS
Scott Gilmore, MD
High-sensitivity troponin testing is sweeping the nation, but so are the challenges of implementing the new technology. Is your ED considering high-sensitivity troponin? Sign up to learn more, including:

• Why is high-sensitivity troponin so controversial?

• How can the new test help improve patient safety and reduce medical costs?

• What approaches and pathways are being used in the United States to help clinicians integrate high-sensitivity troponin into their medical practice?

Drs. Mahler and Gilmore will explore these issues and more, as well as respond to your questions in real-time. Don't miss this chance to review the latest developments in cardiac risk stratification!

Suggested Attendees:

Hospital executives, clinicians, and care managers who need to improve quality and safety in emergency department operations with accurate and efficient risk stratification, especially those considering using high-sensitivity troponin assays.