Be prepared for
infectious crises.

Organize critical screening and treatment actions in pandemics. Get up-to-date data about incidence in your population.

For Epic, Cerner, and iOS


A simple, shared interface allows ED providers, inpatient providers, and nursing staff to track patient care.


Nursing staff can assist in managing at-risk patients with a clear, up-to-date screening interface.

FHIR Support

Key patient data and metrics are automatically recorded in the smart checklist, reducing time-consuming data entry.

An new approach
to emerging infectious disease.

Vector™ creates a virtual area for emerging disease management within the EMR interface for a specific patient and care team. In keeping with validated safety methods, a checklist is shared with both providers and nurses, ensuring clear communication and adherence to best practices.

Track your population.

Administrators can access live, up-to-the-minute analysis of emerging disease incidence and characteristics. Detailed analysis of individual cases allows for improvements in protocols and processes, translating into system-wide excellence in crisis management.

Detailed Analytics

Full support for statistics and case analysis available through online administrator portal.

Clear Goals

A dynamic checklists provides transparent and up-to-date screening and management guidleines, clarifying next steps for each patient.

Have a Clear Plan

Be ready for whatever emerging disease is encountered by your facility with up-to-date guidelines from the CDC.

Works at your hospital.
Our plug-ins are available for quick activation on America's top electronic medical platforms.

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For Epic, Cerner, and iOS