Help your care teams organize critical sepsis treatments with our lightweight EMR plug in. Dynamic checklists track care in real-time, while advanced backend analytics can detect trends in care to improve system-wide SEP-1 compliance.

  • Real-time coordination
  • Detailed tracking and analytics

A simple, shared interface allows ED providers, inpatient providers, and nursing staff to track patient care.

Nursing staff can assist in managing sepsis patients by identifying when key provider goals require completion.

Key patient data and metrics are automatically recorded in the smart checklist, reducing time-consuming data entry.

Full support for statistics and case analysis available through online administrator portal.

A dynamic checklists provides transparent confirmation of treatment completion and clarifies next steps for each patient.l

Sepsis Huddle is focused on improving clinical care and adherence to SEP-1 treatment goals.

A team-based approach to sepsis

The Sepsis Huddle Checklist creates a virtual area for sepsis management within the EMR interface for a specific patient and care team. In keeping with validated safety methods, a checklist is shared with both providers and nurses, ensuring clear communication and adherence to best practices.

Track and tweak your protocols

Administrators can access key metrics and dashboards in real-time using a web-based interface. Detailed analysis of individual cases allows for improvements in protocols and processes, translating into system-wide excellence in sepsis care.

Sepsis care. Upgraded.

Available on Epic and Cerner

Your patients and providers deserve real solutions to assure best practices in sepsis care. Sepsis Huddle EMR Plug-in enhances sepsis care and can be implemented in a single day.

Key Benefits:

  • Team based sepsis approach
  • Smart, responsive checklists
  • Automatically meets SEP-1
  • Clear provider goals
  • Responsive notifications
  • Sepsis encounter timelines
  • Enables 100% compliance