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Compatible with your assay.
Our high-sensitivity troponin platform is compatible with assays from America's leading diagnostics companies.
Roche, Beckman-Coulter, Siemens, and Abbott high-sensitivity troponin assays are supported.

Consistent pathways

Implement an institutional pathway that allows all your providers to use the same logic when analyzing high-sensitivity troponin results.

Reduces unneccesary admissions

Avoid the cost and risks associated with uneeded observation admissions due to false-positive troponin values.

Chest-pain center accreditation

Satisifies requirements for documentation of risk-stratification, which is required for chest pain center accreditation.

System-wide monitoring

With IQ Engine™, population data are aggregated in real-time, with 18+ metrics that track the performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Adapts to the latest evidence

Medical science is constantly changing. Our platform enables rapid adaptation to the best validated evidence.

Installs almost instantly

Like a smartphone app, our plug-in offers guaranteed compatibility and a shockingly simple implementation on Epic and Cerner EHRs.

The HEART Pathway® is a revolutionary clinical algorithm that uses objective clinical data to risk stratify patients with chest pain, identifying patients who are unlikely to benefit from advanced cardiac diagnostic testing and who can be safely discharged home.

By using a statistical model based on the latest clinical validation studies, the HEART Pathway® puts unparalleled accuracy and precision in the hands of emergency medicine clinicians.

The Challenge of Chest Pain

Chest pain is a top cause of US ED visits. Eight to ten million patients with chest pain present to an ED annually in the United States. Emergency providers care for patients with chest pain on virtually every shift. More than half of Emergency Department patients with chest pain receive lengthy cardiac evaluations in a chest pain unit or inpatient ward, with an annual cost $10-13 billion.

Less than ten percent of patients have an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Two to five percent of patients with myocardial infarctions are inappropriately discharged from the ED every year. Missed ACS is a top cause of malpractice claims.

Real-time analytics

Robust support for administrative insights through our proprietary backend.

Coordinates disciplines

Emergency medicine, internal medicine, and cardiology benefit from our consistent scoring method.


Documented use of risk stratification supports chest pain center accreditation.

Why Use the HEART Pathway®?

The HEART Pathway® is designed for more accurate risk stratification, identifying patients unlikely to benefit from hospitalization or stress testing/cardiac imaging who can safely be discharged home from the ED. This allows hospitals to focus on advanced care and diagnostic tests on the patients most likely to benefit. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of the HEART Pathway® compared to usual care. The HEART Pathway® randomized control trial (Mahler et al, Circ CVQO J, 2015.)

The HEART Pathway® assists with answering two important questions: "What is the likelihood that my patient’s presenting symptoms represent ACS?" and "what is the likelihood that my patient will have an ACS event in the near future (within 30 days)?"

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For Epic, Cerner, and iOS