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At Impathiq, Inc., we create intelligently integrated electronic medical record (EMR) clinical decision support solutions that empower hospitals to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

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Connecting the Dots

Impathiq is powered by the IQ Engine, a scalable data medical informatics platform that integrates with EPIC, Cerner, and other electronic medical records using the latest interoperability standards.

By connecting electronic medical record data with data collected directly from providers, the IQ Engine enables hospitals and clinicians to implement evidence-based clinical pathways into EMR-integrated web applications rapidly, track health outcomes, perform quality assurance and auditing, all while minimizing overall costs.

The IQ Engine

Embedded Decision Support

The IQ Engine integrates seamlessly into the electronic medical record and the clinical workflow.


Our solutions address the needs of all the top electronic medical record platforms and mobile devices.

Data-Driven Analytics

We connect administrators with real-time analytics to measure the success of their decision support mission.

Heart Pathway

What is the Heart Pathway?

The Heart Pathway is a revolutionary clinical algorithm that uses objective clinical data to risk stratify patients with chest pain, identifying patients who are unlikely to benifit from advanced cardiac diagnostic testing and who can be safely discharged home.

By using a statistical model based on the latest clinical validation studies, the Heart Pathway puts unparalleled accuracy and precision in the hands of emergency medicine clinicians.

The Challenge of Chest Pain

Chest pain is a top cause of US ED visits. Eight to ten million patients with chest pain present to an ED annually in the United States. Emergency providers care for patients with chest pain on virtually every shift. More than half of Emergency Department patients with chest pain receive lengthy cardiac evaluations in an chest pain unit or inpatient ward, with an annual cost $10-13 billion.

Less than ten percent of patients have an acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Two to five percent of patients with myocardial infarctions are inappropriately discharged from the ED every year. Missed ACS is a top cause of malpractice claims.

"It’s time to start using the Heart Pathway."

- Salim Rezaie, MD

Why use the Heart Pathway?

The Heart Pathway is designed for more accurate risk stratification, identifying patients unlikely to benefit from hospitalization or stress testing/cardiac imaging who can safely be discharged home from the ED. This allows hospitals to focus advanced care and diagnostic tests on the patients most likely to benefit. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of the Heart Pathway compared to usual care. The HEART Pathway randomized control trial (Mahler et al, Circ CVQO J, 2015.)

The Heart Pathway assists with answering two important questions: "What is the likelihood that my patient’s presenting symptoms represent ACS?" and "what is the likelihood that my patient will have an ACS event in the near future (within 30 days)?"


  • Fall 2015

    We Began Our Venture

    After years of research, Wake Forest School of Medicine researchers publish results from a randomized control trial in Circulation on a novel chest pain pathway that reduces unnecessary chest pain admissions and improves patient comes.

  • Spring 2016

    iOS App Launch

    Due to the great results from the Circulation study, IMPATHIQ is spun out of Wake Forest and an iOS App is launched.

  • Fall 2016

    Engaging with Health Systems

    IMPATHIQ is awarded the NC IDEA grant due to the popularity of the HEART Pathway and requests from hospital systems to integrate the app into their clinical workflow.

  • Spring 2017

    Scaling to Meet Demand

    IMPATHIQ accepts VC funding and is completing launch of the HEART Pathway and IQ Engine to integrate intelligently into EMR systems.


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EBM Expert

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