Simple EMR plug-ins.
Advanced clinical decision support.

We create lightweight, easy-to-install upgrades for the medical record
that optimize clinical workflow.

Using the EHR app stores, IT teams can deploy in as few as 10 hours.

Click a button and our plug-ins spring to life inside the EMR itself.

Our enhancements are seamlessly integrated with the EMR.

Straightforward and intuitive, clinicians need minimal education.

From automated documentation to shortened length-of-stay.

Feature sets refined by our team of practicing physicians.

Pertinent data are extracted in real-time, ready for review by your team.

Detailed records permit exploration of individual clinical encounters.

The right information at the right time, our reports empower admins.

We implement the latest clinical tools into the daily workflow.

Peer-reviewed and validated in thousands of patients.

Use of FHIR resources permits detailed, individualized risk scoring.

Old medical record. New tricks.

Powered by the EMR app store model, our plug-ins can be installed across an entire health system in a single day. They offer new interfaces and new tools that help clinicians to excel. No need to upgrade with new EMR versions - compatibility is guaranteed.

A human informatics company.

At Impathiq, Inc., we create intelligently integrated electronic medical record (EMR) clinical decision support solutions that empower hospitals to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

We are passionate about shaping the future of healthcare, and we invite you to become a part our mission to make clinical decisions safer, more personalized, and more precise, for the benefit of all patients.

"It just works..."

Impathiq is powered by the IQ Engine, a scalable data medical informatics platform that integrates with Epic, Cerner, and other electronic medical records using the latest interoperability standards.

By connecting electronic medical record data with data collected directly from providers, the IQ Engine enables hospitals and clinicians to implement evidence-based clinical pathways into EMR-integrated web applications rapidly, track health outcomes, perform quality assurance and auditing, all while minimizing overall costs.

Flexible, real-time analytics.

By using the IQ Engine, which connects to the hospital’s electronic medical record via interoperability standards, hospitals and physicians can gain actionable insights in real time. For example, if a hospital wants to see if a new safety checklist is actually being utilized, the IQ Engine would be able to deliver daily reports, showing who is utilizing the protocol, how many times, and what can be done to improve its utilization.

Maximum interoperability.

In the current structure of electronic health systems, it is difficult for hospital administrators and physicians to implement new protocols and updated clinical guidelines due to the long development time required by hospital informatics teams for these project requests. The IQ Engine utilizes SMART FHIR, HL7, and other types of connections that enable hospital administrators and physicians to implement their informatics projects quickly.

Built with SMART on FHIR.

Impathiq's products are built with the latest interoperability standards, avoiding redundant data entry and enabling smart writebacks and time-saving documentation features.